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GPS for Automotive Navigation
Programmable Power Supplies
We have wide range of Programmable Dc Lab. Power Supplies to meet your requirements...
GPS Repeaters and complete ranges of GPS signal distribution products and solutions...
High Precision Power Supplies for Research and Development in Scientific and Industrial Applications...
Precision Hybrid Computing Solutions Ranging from Corporates to Individuals...
Wide range of Safety, Test and Measurement Instruments to meet all your safety compliance requirements...
GPS for Automotive Navigation
Complete Telematics solution provider for all leading automotive manufacturers....
Total Power Solution Neuvin
Total Power Solution Ranging from Research to Industrial Applications....
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About Us

Neuvin Electronics Pvt. LTD. a profession designer, manufacturer, distributor and solution provider in RF and Microwave Systems, Power Conversion Products and Solutions and Hi-Rel Electronics Components for the customer segment in Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railways, Telecom and Industrial electronics.

Neuvin Electronics with more than 15 years of field experience in Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railways, Telecom and Industrial electronics and is the preferred suppliers for Indian customers to provide quality products and services.   Read More..


Neuvin origins are in the marine market with their first 32 to 12 volt Switchmode DC-DC voltage converter specifically for powering 12V 150 Read More..


Neuvin Electronic has designed military power supplies specifically for missiles, smart bombs, ground vehicles, radios, and electronics on tanks, Read More..


Neuvin Electronics is a valued supplier of high quality RF and microwave passive components in the frequency range of DC to 85 GHz.Read More..


The transportation environment, whether truck, bus or train is the most unforgiving, with extremes of vibration, heat, dirt, dust and moisture. Read More..


Our Organizations has a wide range of products to meet the needs of Telecom, Cable Television, Two-Way Radio and Satellite Communications providers.Read More..


Neuvin is a providing the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion solutions for a wide range of industries including medical, Read More..