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Neuvin Electronics main strength is Power Conversion Products and Solution like AC DC Power Supplies, Programmable Power Supplies, Electronic Load, AC and DC Sources, Static Frequency Converters, DC/DC Converter, Inverters Battery Charges and customised power solutions for all Industrial Applications.

Our wide range of HighTech Programmable DC Power Supplies suitable for Laboratory and Industrial requirements. Our HighTech Programmable DC Power Supplies are equipped with advance features, latest technologies, touch screen interfaces and Windows compatible softwares for easy and user friendly operations.

Our Programmable Power Supplies feature the Auto-Ranging Output. Owing to this special function, Our Laboratory Power Supplies are much more flexible and, in comparison to conventional power-supplies, they are able to source a much larger number of EUTs (equipment-under-test) with differing nominal voltages.

Programmable Power Supplies