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RF Pin Diode Switches

Absorptive Switches

RF pin diode RF switches that are controlled by TTL logic. This configuration is known as single pole, single throw and is often abbreviated SPST or SP1T. They have been engineered to function in 50-ohm systems, and are designed to operate from 5 MHz to 18 GHz.

They have a switching time of 100 nanoseconds and input power rating of 200 mW (23 dBm). Performance of 1.6:1 or better VSWR and minimum isolation of 60 dB is typical of most models.

All switches of this type require both +5VDC and -5VDC to operate. Typical current consumption is +/- 30 mA. TTL control logic of 0 to +5VDC is required. Units comes standard with SMA connectors.

Frequency Range: 0.3 GHz – 18.0GHz

Downloade Absorptive Switches data sheet

Reflective Switches

Frequency Range: 0.3 GHz – 18.0GHz


  • Driver Schottky TTL
  • Higher speeds available

Downloade Reflective Switches data sheet