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GPS Splitters

GPS/GNSS Splitter connects an external antenna to two receivers or repeaters simultaneously. GNSS/GPS splitters are optimized to pass signals within the GNSS frequency range. Rugged construction ensures performance on land, sea or air. 

GPS/GNSS Frequency Band. Supports GPS L1, L2, GLONASS G1, G2, Beidou B1, Galileo E1

Neuvin offer wide range of GPS Repeaters, GPS Splitters, GPS Amplifiers, GPS Rack Mount Splitters including GPS Network Design, Layout Plans, Installation and Commissioning and after sale support for GPS Systems.

A GPS splitter allows a single GPS antenna to be shared between multiple GPS receivers. The S12 GPS Splitter is a one-input, two-output GPS device. This product typically finds application where an input from an active GPS roof antenna is split evenly between two receiving GPS units.

GPS Splitters - Rackmounts