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GPS Repeater for Aircraft Hangar
  • GPS Repeater Kits for Aircraft Hangars are specially designed GPS Repeater Kits for aircraft hangar applications. These GPS Repeater kits can help to bring GPS signal inside the aircraft hanger. By installing GPS Repeater in side the hanger you can test the aircraft inside the hangar and can save lot of time and energy while doing all the maintenance work inside the hanger.

A GPS Repeater installed inside an aircraft hangar:

  • GPS Repeater system receives the GPS signals via an external outdoor GPS antenna.
  • Transport the GPS signals via coaxial cable to inside hangar and feed to GPS Repeater.
  • The indoor GPS Repeater unit amplifies the received GPS signals and re-radiates the signals so that all GPS equipment inside the hangar can get enough GPS signals for functional testing.

It is all about saving time. If you can save an hour here or there by NOT having to move aircraft out of the hangar, it adds up. The GPS Hangar kit operates by receiving GPS satellite signals with an antenna located outside the hangar and bringing the signal inside or under a covered (GPS denied) space.

GLI-Hangar allows ongoing installation, testing and troubleshooting of aircraft GPS navigation systems inside the hangar. Delays of maintenance due to inclement weather or the placement of other aircraft is eliminated. Maintenance efficiencies can be immediately recognized, as accessibility to work on the GPS navigation becomes more convenient. Personnel and assets can be protected, plus time and fuel can be saved using GLI-Hangar.