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NETIO Discover

NETIO Discover is needed for the first installation of the product. The utility discovers all NETIO products connected to the LAN / WiFi. It displays their IP and MAC addresses and configures DHCP / static IP.

Supported functions:

  • NETIO Discover finds all NETIO products connected to a LAN / WiFi network and displays their IP addresses.
  • Click the IP address to open the product configuration web page.
  • Click the MAC address to configure a static IP (Mask, GW, DNS) / DHCP for the product.
  • NETIO Discover multiplatform (JAVA .jar) can be run on any platform (Mac, Linux, ..)

Useful to know

  • One NETIO device can be found twice (on the LAN and on WiFi) under two different MAC and IP addresses.
  • Newly discovered devices are highlighted in blue and displayed on top.
  • Newly disconnected devices are displayed in gray.
  • If you cannot find your NETIO device, make sure that you are in the same network (VLAN). For the detection to succeed, UDP broadcast must be functional.