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GNSS-AS-IP67, Line Amplifier / Splitter

GNSS Amplifier

ROGER™ GNSS Amplifier & Splitter is a combined signal splitter and line amplifier that can
transmit amplified signal to up to three separate repeater units. Amplifier has a gain of +16dB at the GPS L1/L2/GLONASS/GALILEO frequency bands and it includes a filter to remove unwanted signals that may have entered the cable at some point.
Splitter is a one to three signal splitter that can transmit signal to up to three separate GNSS
(Global Navigation Satellite System) repeater units.

Amplifier is powered through the output signal cable by the ROGER™ GNSS Repeater and
also passes on DC power for the ROGER™ GNSS Splitter, an another GNSS line amplifier or
GNSS receiving antenna.
The splitter & amplifier is easy to use and permits a wide range of system configurations.